Blog synchronicity


Do you experience blog synchronicity?

It happens to me all the time. “Blog synchronicity” is my term for when many of the blogs I read all cover overlapping topics at the same time–even though I don’t have any reason to think the authors follow each other, and the subject matter of the writing is all over the map–and these overlapping topics happen to be something I’d independently been thinking about or experiencing.

Seeing other people pondering the same imponderables, separately-together, in real time, really reinforces my learning of the topic du jour. It seems to me that these blog synchronicities can’t be explained away as just themes that are upmost in public discourse–for example, it wouldn’t be remarkable for a bunch of bloggers to be talking about Ferguson, or holiday shopping. So that would not count as a synchronicity.

There is a sort of sampling bias that happens. Maybe another reader wouldn’t see any particular overlap between different bloggers’ writing, and I only see it because the topic is already in my mind. In fact, I know that happens. But does that make it any less meaningful? I submit it doesn’t. It’s almost as if my curiosity calls the needed information into my orbit where I can access it. You may see it as coincidence, which is fine–it doesn’t diminish the value of the wisdom I’m able to glean from the experience. It’s the feeling of synchronicity and meaningfulness that makes the lessons stick.

The current theme is the celebration of light in the midst of some undeniably very gloomy current events. Dredging up hope and purpose–by main force if necessary–from the depths of despair. It seems like an appropriate topic for the winter holiday season, but it’s all the more poignant for me as my mother is about to enter hospice care. It’s beginning to sink in that this may be the last Christmas we spend together. (On the other hand, she is one tough bird, and has already lived years longer than anyone expected. She has already bounced back from the brink more times than I can count. But I will not take for granted the time we have together–just in case.) Anyway, I thought I would share with you some of the gleanings I run across in the blogosphere in the next few days. I hope you’ll put up with my meandering, because I have years of academic writing experience which is very heavy on context and background–it’s a deeply ingrained habit and I just can’t help myself. But if I disappear, it will be to deal with family health issues and I will return, hopefully with renewed vigor, in the new year. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Blog synchronicity

  1. Thanks Coleen, that’s well said. This is the hardest, most stressful thing I have ever gone through, I think, and it feels a little weird to say it’s also been one of the most rewarding. I feel like I’m learning for the first time what it really means to love someone.

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