Vernal equinox sale on now at Worts & All Etsy shop

spring sale

It feels like summer in my neck of the woods, and elsewhere in North America people are still in the throes of subzero winter. Yet the almanac people tell us it’s the beginning of spring. So in honor of the vernal equinox, take 10% off your purchase from the Worts & All Etsy shop this weekend. Enter coupon code SPRING14. (Valid till Monday 24 March.) There are several new tinctures: milk thistle, dandelion, goldenseal, agrimony, melissa, oatstraw, and burdock.

While we’re on the subject…sort of…  In theory, the equinoxes and solstices are supposed to divide the year into four equal quarters. But have you ever noticed that the solstices are, respectively, mid-winter and mid-summer, but we are told the equinoxes represent the beginning of spring and fall? Did I miss a memo or is that messed up? So does that mean we should think of the solstices as seasonal beginnings, or equinoxes as mid-season events?


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