St. Modomnoc’s Day follow-up

So, shortly after I wrote my post on St. Modomnoc’s Day and the awesomeness that is bees, I stumbled across this report from the BBC that says they’ve now discovered that diseases of domestic honeybees are decimating wild bumblebee populations. Bumblebees–which have what I think may be the most adorable name in the animal kingdom–aren’t doing so hot and one species (Bombus cullumanus) has already gone extinct in much of western Europe.


A bumbling bee.

So now we know for sure that bee populations are negatively affected by:

  • diseases and parasites
  • loss of habitat
  • neonicotinoid pesticides (which impair the bees’ immune systems according to this article)
  • maybe a whole bunch of other factors

When I read things like this, I admit I get pretty depressed about it. It feels like I can’t possibly do anyhing to stem the tide. It’s true there are some people we’ll never get through to, but I still believe it’s too soon for those of us who care to give up hope. So spread the word until your friends are sick of you!


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