Long time no see

Wow, looks like it’s been nearly a month since I posted anything here. October has been a wild ride of working with worts, being sick, doing astrological readings on semi-professionally, and mulling over a post I have been wanting to write about thoughts have been difficult to put into words. Well, words that don’t sound insane anyway. Still I am determined to write it, because to paraphrase one of my very favorite bloggers (Gordon of RuneSoup), if it doesn’t scare you a little to publish it your post maybe doesn’t deserve to be written in the first place.

Oh yeah, and I splashed water on my keyboard so now my backspace key doesn’t work. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write without a functioning backspace key? I honestly think I delete more letters than I type. Having to select with the mouse and then Ctrl-X everything…is…so…slow.

While I’m thinking about future directions for this blog, I realize that my photos leave a lot to be desired. My camera is pretty lame and only semi-functional at this point, and I don’t have the space for really good staging/lighting. My finances currently don’t permit me to rectify either of these situations. But soon I hope. For now I’m hoping this blog will have just enough useful information to make up for the lack of Pinterest-worthy pics. (Speaking of that…don’t get me wrong, I loves me some Pinterest. But really? Are we so superficial that a blog’s photos determine its readership more than its informational content?* We all like to look at pretty pictures and no doubt about it, they do enhance a blog, but I roll my eyes nd heave a sigh at the massive amount of herbal- and natural-health-care-themed bullshit that gets pinned just because it comes with a cute little graphic or a photo of some model pretending she has a headache or constipation of whatever. Ok, rant over…for now.)

So apparently "detoxing" is popular or something... A random assortment of Pinterest pins. I can't say all these lead to internet BS, but most of them inevitably will.

So apparently “detoxing” is popular or something… A semi-random assortment of Pinterest pins. I can’t say all these lead to internet BS, but most of them inevitably will.

Anyway, stay tuned for some thoughts on elderberries, which have been my friends in this season of seemingly unremitting illness.

*Of course I’m not talking about blogs about photography here! Just blogs that purport to have information and/or interesting thoughts, which I dearly hope this one does.


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