Pet-safe tummy soother

The Tummy Soother is made from vegetable glycerine infused with slippery elm, ginger, and anise–all ingredients which are safe for cats, dogs, and people.

Who's got no thumbs and eats anything that will fit in his mouth? This guy!

Who’s got no thumbs and eats anything that will fit in his mouth? This guy!

My darling dog Shermie gets frequent upset stomach, and I have cast around for all kinds of things to treat it. I’ve spent beaucoup bucks at the vet. We (the vet and I) discovered that at some point before I adopted Shermie from a rescue, he had surgery on his belly–probably because of something he ate. This dog doesn’t just chew his toys, he rips them apart and devours the pieces. Of course over time I purged the house of everything he could fit in his mouth, but he still gets a sore tummy.

I wanted a remedy that would work for stomach irritation (in case he swallowed something he shouldn’t have), diarrhea, gas, and nausea. I have a part-time cat too (well, he’s a cat full-time, but he’s only mine part-time), and although his stomach seems fine, I wanted something that would be safe to use with him if necessary. Cats have notoriously finicky systems, but I finally found a combination of herbs that are safe and effective.

Anise eases gas pains and also calms intestinal spasms that can result in diarrhea. It also helps rev up sluggish digestion and since the oil is said by Mrs. Grieve to be antiseptic, I suspect it would be of some help in cases of food poisoning.

Ginger helps prevent and relieve nausea and vomiting. It is also antiseptic and has definitely been used traditionally to treat food poisoning. It stimulates the GI tract. Ginger is heating, and dried ginger more so than fresh. I used dried ginger in making this glycerite, so if one has excessive heat in the GI tract they wouldn’t want to use this in large doses. But for treatment of short-term, acute tummy ache/nausea it’s grand.

The inner bark of the slippery elm is, as its name indicates, mucilaginous. It soothes irritated and inflamed tissues and coats them so they can begin to heal. It is also nourishing and nutritive.

Shermie and I have both tried this remedy out, in a half-dropperful dose, and we found it very effective. It’s sweet and syrupy, quite pleasant tasting unless you are one of those people that really hates anise. The ginger gives it a hot quality that you can feel in your throat and belly for a little while.

I ended up with more than Shermie and I need, which is for sale in the Worts & All shop (

Worts& All Tummy Soother glycerite

Worts & All Tummy Soother glycerite


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